Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally, it's MY turn!!

Oh, Hi Everyone!!

My name is Buddha & I am so excited to be writing today! My momma finally let me use her computer. She's pretty picky about who she lets use her computer. Even my big sister Wookie hasn't been able to lay a PAW on her new one!

Any way...
My momma said that she wanted me to write about The President & stuff like that. Well, first I want to tell you about a really embarrassing story about my momma (shh... don't let her know!!). On Tuesday night, she went snow... boarding I think it's called, with her boyfriend Peter. She's got this fancy schmancy new board (which I can't sharpen my claws on - boo!!) that she needed to try out. Well!! Things didn't go so hot! They came home & had to call our neighbor who's a doctor lady person. My momma fell & hit her head HARD! Not once, but TWICE!! Silly momma - she can't land on her feet! Poor Peter had to wake up my momma every couple of hours. She had some brain-headache thing called a post-concussion headache. Whatever it was, it was annoying! I couldn't get any sleep with the alarms & the shaking & all the moving. SO! There's the embarrassing story. Don't tell momma I told - she'd be bright red!

Oh! The President! I didn't know that this was a big deal until my momma woke me up from my morning nap to watch with her. But this really cool looking guy is now the leader of our country! He sounded so intelligent (way over this little kitten's head). And wow - I was just impressed! He's the first black president! Oh, to be alive at a time like this! My momma tells me this is a very important moment in history. I believe her - she's a pretty with-it lady (don't tell her I said that). She is so proud to be able to vote for some one that she wanted to & not have to worry about anyone else's opinion. I guess my momma is a very lucky lady to live in this country. And I'm a pretty lucky kitten to be able to live with her IN this country.

Now... where are my TOYS?!? I think I hear my momma coming.


Pamela said...

Hello, Buddha! Kali and Devi here just wanting to say we hope your momma is okay. We don't understand what a concu... concussion thing is but it sounds like it hurts!

We didn't get to see the first black president on TV cuz our momma was at work and didn't turn on the TV for us before she left but we've heard her talking about him and think he's pretty cool.

Okay, we have to go swing from the curtains now. Have fun with your toys!

Nose kisses,

Kali and Devi

B.Valianti/myth maker said...

Our human is making ooh-aaah noises when looking at you, Buddha cat! We don't like that!

Little Guy and Morrison

Pamela said...

Hey! I need my Buddha fix! Buddha, please tell your human she needs to stop neglecting her audience. ;)

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