Sunday, April 26, 2009

So sorry! Momma's a SLACKER!!

Hello everyone!! My momma left her computer-thing unattended. And since she is such a slacker, I decided that I would post! Momma's always saying that she has "sock-her" , or "rock climbing," or "kicking the box", or this horrible thing called "work" that gets in the way of blogging. But, I don't get it. If I was supposed to kick a box around, I think I'd much rather play on a computer. What does momma have against the box? Unless she's taking about my box that I leave icky things in. I guess I'd like to kick that box out the door!

And sock-her? I do that all the time with my big sister, Wookie. She has an... advan... advtant.... her paws are bigger than mine so her socks hurt!!

OH! Guess what my momma did this week? I am so mad at her! She brought home this huge thing! It's all big & slobberly & momma calls it "Cleo."

I don't like her one bit! She's bigger than even Wookie! And she makes these noises. It's not pretty like my purring or my meows. And the worst part - Wookie likes her!! I have caught my big sister trying to play with this beast on my than one occasion. I can't believe that my big sister would play with such a dumb creature! I caught the Cleo eating grass outside. Who does that?! Not me! I eat the indoor selection of yummy plants - they're yummy-licious, as my momma would say.
Uh oh.... I think momma's coming! Gotta look cute!
I think she's gone. I curled up in her big office chair & pretended like I was sleeping. I think I have her fooled!! I switched her screen back to this program called iTunes. Such a strange program - it makes her computer screech. And some times she does these weird poses while listening to the screeching. I don't like to go near my momma when she's on her squishy mat - she has these really heavy things in her hands - she calls them dumbbells. Why she calls them that, I don't know. I would call then catcrushers!! I don't know how my momma can lift such heavy things.
I wish i was nice & sunny out today. My momma said that it was going to be rainy. I don't know what that means, but I do know that it's dark outside when it should really be light. And then there was this really weird banging noise, right above my head - I thought the roof was going to fall on me! I jumped on my momma's lap & buried my face under her arm. I may be mad at her, but she's bigger than me. It the roof falls, she's tough & can keep it from hurting me!
Before I go, I have to show you a picture & ask what it means. My momma took this. She shows it to people and tells them that I have a Buddha Belly. I don't know how to tell my momma this (she's usually so smart!), but my name is Buddha & I have a Belly. Don't all Buddha's have Bellies? Or maybe they don't all puff out like mine. Maybe that's what she means. She has this little statue that she rubs everyday for something called "Good Luck." It's a happy man with a really fat stomach. She calls him Buddha. But he doesn't look anything like me. Is my momma crazy?


Lors said...

Hi Buddha! I adore your observations. Keep up the great work.

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